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Frequently asked questions

The following documents and links will help answer some of the questions frequently asked when students begin a new class or school:



What are students taught?

How does the school and teachers approach discipline and respond to bullying behaviours?

How does the school form classes?

Where can I find general information about the school?

What is the school's approach to homework?

How do I find out what's happening in my child's class and at school?

The school uses many different ways to keep parents informed and to communicate.

Please read


How do I make an appointment with my child's teacher?

It's easy… read our

What is the You Can Do It program?

***Log in details for YCDI parents web site are in our school newsletter or contact the office. If the YCDI page does not load try changing your browser.

How can I help out at school?

Is my child allowed to bring a mobile device to school?