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Special Religious Education SRE

Parents and carers in public schools have the right to have their child receive instruction in their preferred religious persuasion, where authorised teachers of that persuasion are available.

A Special Religious Education (SRE) program is available at Middle Harbour Public School and is run by authorised volunteers of approved religious persuasions. For details about the specific SRE programs, please see below. Alternatively, parents may choose for their child not to attend SRE classes.

During the time that SRE classes are being held, there will be no academic instruction delivered or formal school activities. Children will therefore not be missing any class work by attending SRE classes. 

Students attending non-SRE classes will participate in meaningful activities such as reading, private study or completing their own work.

During the year, notification of changes to a child's enrolment in SRE classes should be given to the class teacher in writing.